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Friday, February 13, 2004
Haven't posted for a few days... well near enough a week. Been eventful in parts.

Sat night was bizarre.

We went clubbing (me and my mate v) I spied a guy I liked, made some eye contact, and as we were walking past, he reached out and touched me. OOOh... So I sent v over to talk to him, and he said the feeling was mutual etc, so I gave him my number, and said I'd give him a lift home so we could have a chat.

Dropped v off at her place first, then drove someplace else (I have no idea where I was) and we parked up to talk. All the way down after dropping v off he was asking if I was single, how long had I been single etc, you know all the usual stuff.

So we pull up. I say "so what about you?" He says "do you want the truth?" and I said I did.

He owned up to having a girlfriend and a nine month old baby.

Story of my life.

Strange is though, I was really calm and nice to him, and we even sat there for at least an hour just talking about stuff, before I took my number back off him and dropped him home.

*But* I'm not to bothered over it at the mo, have met a really nice guy online, and am at the cheeky flirting and texting stage, so I'm still enjoying myself.

Watch this space ;-)
Friday, February 06, 2004
He says he was busy helping a mate... well at least he left me a message. I suppose it suggests he's a good friend to have, as it seems he likes to help his friends.

There's another girl in the group we mingle in... they are friends... I wonder if there's anything more to it? I don't want to ask really. Makes me sound like a bit of a bunny boiler or something.

Also had an argument with an old college friend of mine. We haven't met for years, and I thought it would be nice to catch up with him (and I had a huge crush on him when were at college).. he keeps making excuses not to come, and then called me "pushy" tonight. Cheers. I think he realised he'd upset me.. and offered an olive branch by means of making arrangements for meeting up on the 21st... but then just before he goes, he's like "oh sh*t, I have to be somewhere that day" and then goes. Hmm

I have a lot of good luck with men don't I?
This the first post of my brand new shiny blog.

Oh, but where do I start? Before I do, I'd like to warn you, the reader to expect lots of man bashing, because, let's face it, they are generally crap.

Oh the joys.

There is a reason I'm particularly down on men today. I've been stood up online... ! Comes to something when you can be stood up from the comfort of your own bedroom! Just when I thought I was getting brave enough to think about dating again

Ho Hum.

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